Case Study June 2021

Voices: Carers UK

In our Voices series, we share the stories and opinions from our funded organisations who are helping to find solutions to poverty and trauma in Scotland. The latest group is Carers UK, who give carers expert advice, information and support. They campaign and innovate to find better ways to reach and support carers.

"Half of working-age carers live in a household where no one is in paid employment. And around 600 carers a day give up work to care. The coronavirus crisis, not surprisingly, has compounded the difficulties that many carers face."

How Carers UK work fits with our 2020-2030 strategy

"We know that carers commonly put their own mental and physical health needs behind those they care for, with negative financial and social impacts that often lead to feelings of isolation.  Our research and conversations in the development of our strategy continue to highlight that certain groups are at greater risk of poverty, trauma, or both, including unpaid carers.

The scale and complexity of the challenges relating to poverty, requires a collaborative approach, often across sectors.  We are continuously impressed by Carers UK’s collaborative and relational approach, as they recognise how vital it is for organisations to work this way to deliver long-lasting change.  Carers UK are grounded in the reality of carers’ experiences and they have a strong reputation for campaigning and advocating for the rights of carers across the country, ensuring that their voices are at the forefront of what they do."


Simon Denny
Funding Officer