Applying for an Open Award?

The Robertson Trust is Scotland's largest independent funder, awarding over £16M per year to Scottish charities through our Open Awards programme.

Improving the quality of life and realising the potential of people and communities in Scotland

Open Awards

Our Giving Team provides funding to charitable organisations through our Open Awards. These come within three funding strands; Care and Wellbeing, Realising Potential and Strengthening Communities. Each year, the Trust awards over £16 million to Scottish organisations.

Social Impact

Through our Social Impact work, we aim to develop our understanding and knowledge by working in partnership to test solutions to challenging problems within identified themes. We actively seek to use evidence we build through our work to inform broader policy and practice.


As well as several excellence bursaries, the biggest element of our Scholarship work is Journey to Success, a dedicated training and mentoring programme which currently supports over 500 of Scotland's brightest young talent through university.