Support for grant holders - 2016-2020 strategy

Additional supporting information and resources for those who have funding from our previous strategy (2016-2020).

This guidance is for those who have funding from our previous strategy (2016-2020). On this page you'll find information about:

Setting your outcomes 

As part of our application process, and at the start of each year of funding you have from us, we will ask you to tell us what difference you want to make through your work (your outcomes) and what you plan to do to make this change happen (your activities).

Why do we ask you to do this?

  • To understand better what it is you are trying to achieve through your work
  • To help us make a decision on whether to award you a grant
  • If you are successful in your application, your outcomes and activities will be what we use to track your progress over the course of your grant
  • By reporting to us on your outcomes and activities, you will help us to build our own understanding of the difference our grants are making, and help to inform how we work going forward

Useful resources:

Setting your outcomes - hints and tips


If your grant is for £5K or more per annum, we will ask you to submit an End of Year Report at the end of each year you have a grant telling us how you have progressed against your agreed outcomes and activities. We won’t ask you to report back to us if your grant is for less than £5K, unless we agree with you otherwise at the point of award.

How will we use the information?

We will use the information in your report to see how your project is progressing and to find out what you have achieved and what difference you have made. If your work is progressing in line with your outcomes and activities, we can then release any further payments to you.

We will also use the information in your report for our own evaluation purposes. We want to know what difference our funding is making to people and communities in Scotland. We want to learn from the projects we fund to find out what approaches work well in tackling identified needs. We will share this information with our staff and Trustees and, from time to time, may also share information externally, with other funders, third sector organisations and statutory bodies.

Reports may also help us to identify common themes and trends in the sector that will help us to develop the support we are able to provide to the organisations we fund.

What do you need to do?

Towards the end of your grant year, around 2 months before your next payment is due (or at the end of your grant) we will email you a link to your online end of year/grant report. This report will be pre-populated with the outcomes and activities that you agreed with us the previous year.

If you have your own reporting format which you feel will provide us with the information we need without you having to re-write it in our form or, if you are submitting a report to another funder for the same work, we may be able to accept your report in this format. Please contact to discuss this.

Photos can also be submitted alongside your report. These can often be useful for bringing your impact and achievements to life.

Information on completing your end of year report can be found in our Reporting Guidance Notes (PDF download). You can also view a completed sample report (PDF download).

Applying for continuation funding

For those who have funding from our 2016-2020 strategy, there are two ways of obtaining continuation funding:

Continuation 2-3

In some cases where three-year funding is requested, the Trust may only award one year with further funding subject to specific conditions being met, including a review of progress over the past year. If you applied for three year funding and only received one year, please refer to the condition of award which should be clearly outlined in your (Year 1) award email.

If eligible for 2-3 year continuation funding, we will email you approximately 3 months prior to the end of your award period with a link to our online application form.

Continuation 4-5

Although we no longer offer Continuation 4&5 funding, you can reapply for funding once your current grant ends and you’ve sent us your End of Grant Report. You can find out more about Our Funds here.

You can also use our funding checker to find out if your organisation is eligible and what type of funding you might be able to apply for.