Our projects

As well as funding others, our own projects and pieces of work reflect our aim to help to improve the lives of people and communities in Scotland experiencing poverty and trauma.

Rural Action Fund

In 2017, the Robertson Trust approved a £120,000 award to Youth Scotland to help provide resources to extend support for universal youth work in rural communities.  As part of this award, £30,000 was restricted towards establishing the Rural Action Fund to support small, volunteer-led groups in rural communities, who (at the time) would otherwise be unable to access funding from the Trust.

Each and Every Child

The Each and Every Child initiative is a new programme of work which aims to tell a compelling story about children and young people in the care system, transforming the current public narrative and mobilising people at all levels in the community to take action to improve their life chances.

Journey to Success

Our in-house Scholarship scheme helps promising youngsters overcome financial and social barriers to gain the university education they deserve and the career they aspire to.

Hard Edges Scotland

This research, commissioned by ourselves with Lankelly Chase, highlights the complexity of the lives of people facing multiple disadvantage in Scotland.

Changing Lives Through Sport and Physical Activity

Championing the role of sports and physical activity to boost health, wellbeing, relationships and communities.

Maternal Mental Health

In this exploratory area of work, we are interested in whether and how we might support the third sector in Scotland to support families experiencing mental health issues within the first postnatal year.

Social Bridging Finance

We are developing this new grant funding model to support innovation and cross-sector partnerships for the delivery of preventative services.

Women's Centres

This project was developed to demonstrate how a gender-specific, community-led approach can help women to achieve positive outcomes as individuals, organisations and within communities.