News September 2021

Invitation to Tender: Learning and Evaluation Partner for Partners in Change

We recently announced grants of more than £2.4 million to six ambitious projects which aim to prevent and mitigate the negative impacts of poverty and trauma in Scotland. We are now looking for an experienced Learning and Evaluation Partner to work alongside us and our partners in change to explore what helps and hinders change, and how we as a funder can best support change projects.

Partners in Change focuses on the concept of change, and its application to how services and support for people experiencing poverty and/or trauma are designed and delivered across Scotland. Through this Fund we want to learn alongside our Partners in Change and are recruiting a Learning and Evaluation Partner to support us in this. 

We will use the learning we generate through Partners in Change to: 

  • Deepen our understanding of the mechanisms of change, how they vary across different systems and what the enablers and barriers to change are 
  • Explore our role as a funder, and the role of other partners, in supporting change projects (i.e. what behaviours, attitudes, systems, resources do we and others need so that we can best support change work which is improving outcomes for individuals and communities) in order to inform our future work 
  • Understand more about how the approaches are adapted over time, in response to changing, real-world circumstances. 
  • Identify and highlight work being carried out by funded organisations which are using a change model to improve the lives of people experiencing poverty and/or trauma 
  • Identify and share emerging practice and themes around how to use a change model to improve outcomes for people experiencing poverty and/or trauma 

To achieve this, we anticipate that the Learning and Evaluation Partner will: 

  • Work alongside The Trust as a critical friend to explore existing and emerging practice and evidence around the role of funders in enabling change to happen within systems. This will help the Fund team to identify and inform ongoing developments to our work around change, its implementation, tools and processes 
  • Work with our partners in change (and their own delivery and evaluation partners); both individually to help them refine their project level evaluation work and collectively to draw out areas of shared need, knowledge and learning around delivery change initiatives. 

More information on the Partners in Change Fund, the anticipated role of the Learning and Evaluation Partner, and the application process can be found in the Invitation to Tender.

The deadline for applications is Friday 30th September.  

If you have any queries, or would like to express an interest in developing a proposal for this tender, please email Cassy Rutherford (Interim Learning and Communications Manager) at