News January 2024

#DoOneBetter Podcast: Venturing into Social Impact Investing

In a chat with Alberto Lidji for #TheDoOneBetter Podcast, our Chief Executive Jim McCormick shares our recent journey into social impact investing, to support our mission to build lasting solutions to poverty and trauma in Scotland.

Our mission is to fund, support and champion those building solutions to two of the most significant challenges facing communities in Scotland – Poverty and Trauma – across the period of our strategy up to 2030.

To achieve this, we recognise the need to invest our resources in ways that achieve direct impact but also support ‘big change that lasts,’ including through reformed systems and services.

Our new Social Impact Investment (SII) plan was approved by our board in March 2023 to bring a further set of tools and resources into play to help us achieve our mission. Our SII plan will enable us to commit up to £20M for this purpose with no expiry date - depending on where the opportunities lie, we can move quickly or slowly. 

In a feature on the Do One Better Podcast with Alberto Lidji, our Chief Executive, Jim McCormick, delves into our recent journey into impact investing, explaining why it’s important to us and our mission, discussing the challenges and opportunities of the Scottish market, and the importance of us being an informed and proactive investor. 

>> You can listen to the full podcast here.

Our Chief Executive, Jim McCormick said: "It was a real pleasure to meet Alberto to discuss Social Impact Investing in Scotland: a further layer of the funding cake at The Robertson Trust. I'm a fan of his #DoOneBetter podcast - full of insight from the philanthropy movement worldwide. Have a listen and give him a follow.

We have a lot to learn at the starting line, but we have committed up to £20M, an expert adviser is in place, Tom Bennett, and a new committee is gearing up. The podcast is part of sharing our work aloud as we go. We invite your feedback and do let us know where you think the strongest opportunities lie." 

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