News July 2020

Capacity building with the Social Enterprise Academy

Find out more about SEA's blended learning programme, which offers opportunities for self-directed learning, facilitator-led learning and group coaching.

The Robertson Trust is committed to supporting the Third Sector to build skills and capacity for the future. 

While naturally the initial response from funders to Covid-19 focused on the immediate needs of the sector, through listening to those we work with, it is clear that responses must now also move towards organisational development and recovery.
That is why we are excited to announce a new partnership with the Social Enterprise Academy (SEA) to open up learning and organisational development support to our grant holders.
The learning and peer-collaboration resources have been designed specifically in response to Covid-19 and are aimed at supporting individuals and organisations to manage the current circumstances. With funding from the Scottish Government, the Academy is offering a wide range of immediate support for the sector including coaching sessions, innovation sessions for organisations that wish to identify how they position themselves currently, and peer discussions. 
SEA has generously reserved spaces on their facilitated learning sessions and programmes specifically for our grant holders. Through an agreement with Emerald Works, it is also able to made available a range of leadership, management and personal development resources as well as high quality blended  learning programmes for the sector focused on building personal resilience and self-leadership.  This learning can be accessed by board members and staff, including furloughed staff and volunteers, through the Social Enterprise Academy’s online learning platform.
The blended learning programmes include the opportunity to participate in scheduled online learning programmes and dialogue groups, led by experienced and skilled Academy facilitators with extensive Third Sector experience. The programmes also provide an opportunity to learn at your own pace, connect with peers and find constructive ways to move forward. 
These opportunities are available to all Robertson Trust grant holders here. Although resources are available to all in the Third Sector, analytics collected from the TRT grant holder landing page will allow us to understand what support is being sought and help to prioritise future capacity-building content and resources.

We would like to thank the Scottish Government for funding this programme and would encourage all of our grant holders to get involved and take advantage of the available resources.