Strengthening Communities

This Strand has been developed in response to the social inequalities in Scotland. Within Strengthening Communities we hope to support work which benefits those who have been disproportionately affected either economically, or due to the marginalised nature of their peer group.

We also recognise the value of building on local assets and wish to support organisations and communities which come together to create meaningful, sustainable solutions to address local need.

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Applications under this strand must directly address one of themes listed below. We have provided examples within each of the themes of some activities which may be relevant. However, this is not an exhaustive list.

Here we are interested in targeted, early intervention approaches which improve outcomes for children and strengthen family and community relationships. We also wish to see better integration with marginalised groups and improved safety and wellbeing of vulnerable groups.

Examples of activities are as follows:

  • Home support services for families experiencing difficulty
  • Pre-birth and parental education, training and support for young/vulnerable parents
  • DIY/Housing Worker to support vulnerable people to sustain their tenancies
  • Services for women at risk of or affected by domestic abuse or sexual violence
  • Support for people affected by addictions

We recognise that people do not wish to be dependent on crisis provision and we are interested in supporting activities which increase the skills and knowledge they need to make better use of available resources.

Examples of activities are as follows:

  • Community services which build skills and networks to support people affected by food poverty
  • Financial literacy and budgeting programmes
  • Practical information and support delivered through or in partnership with the Citizens Advice Bureau network
  • Projects which focus on sharing and learning new skills including cooking and community growing 

Here we are interested in approaches which increase the ability of communities to meet their own identified needs and which make best use of local assets.

Examples of activities are as follows:

  • The capital costs of upgrading community facilities/village halls
  • Development worker to liaise with local groups and develop initiatives such as befriending services or youth activities