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Craigshill Good Neighbour Network

Please note that The Robertson Trust has published its new Giving Strategy. This sets out the priorities we will have when awarding funds through our open grants programme. The existing application form and guidelines can still be used until July 31st. In line with our existing procedures, we will aim to assess and present all applications received by this date to our September Board meeting. In the event that we are unable to do so, your application may be held until our November meeting. In such cases a member of staff will contact you and provide any assistance required to realign your application with the new Giving Strategy. Find out all you need to know here.

Craigshill Good Neighbourhood Network (CGNN) provides a broad range of direct help and social opportunities for people in the communities of Craigshill and South Howden in West Lothian. 

Activities range from knitting to gentle exercise, singing to crafting, all of which aim to utilise the skills of those attending and contribute to the creation of networks of support, as well as reducing loneliness and improving the health of people in the community.

The group also works closely with Alzheimers Scotland, West Lothian Credit Union, the Citizens Advice Bureau and other local agencies to ensure its members have access to specialist services. 

To find out more about the organisation, its work and its award from The Robertson Trust, watch the video below. Alternatively, you can access the script for the video here.



In order to successfully apply for funding under our Giving Strategy 2016-19, applicants must demonstrate how their work will contribute to one or more of the themes within the Trust's three new funding strands.

This application was eligible as a result of its fit with the following theme:

Funding Strand: Strengtheing Communities Theme 1: Reducing health and social inequalities in Scotland's communities

"Lots of things! Firstly, the postholder showed genuine commitment and enthusiasm for the work she was doing - we love that, as do most funders! We know that bringing people together in this way, to share their skills whilst learning from others, is one of the best ways of increasing peoples’ confidence and building self-esteem. Everyone has something to give. Funders talk a lot about “building on local assets.”  The residents of Craigshill and South Howden are exactly that -  their community’s greatest asset. CGNN recognises this by developing projects and activities which reflect the strengths and aspirations of its members whilst continually developing ways of breaking down barriers and reaching out to those people who for various reasons, are isolated from their community."


 Lesley Macdonald, Head of Giving