Financial security

Funding to address the financial and material effects of poverty on people and communities.

At its heart, poverty is a problem rooted in a lack of access to financial resources. Existing evidence suggests that the best solutions to poverty include consideration of how to support people with their financial needs. Through our funding, we want to build a better understanding of the causes of poverty and financial need, and support work which addresses them.

We are interested in funding work which:

  • helps people who are struggling with day-to-day costs 
  • creates access to advice, support and advocacy around welfare, debt, income maximisation, housing and employment advice, or improve access to quality childcare.

Within this theme, we have supported a significant number of requests relating to the provision of advice services. Whilst acknowledging the importance of these in mitigating the effects of poverty, within our Large Grants, we are likely to prioritise requests for broader, wrap-around services, particularly in relation to the provision of housing, supporting adults and families at risk of homelessness, who have experience of severe and multiple disadvantage.

Services and support should be relationship-focussed, and should take into account additional barriers people may face, such as transport, childcare and other out-of-pocket expenses. Services and support need to be accessible, appropriate, affordable and inclusive and should, if possible, be co-located in community settings where people already go to for support. Work should be targeted to those most in need.

Types of issues our funding could help address

We are particularly interested in work which focuses on:

  • Food poverty and food systems
  • Funeral poverty
  • Fuel poverty
  • Cost of the school day
  • Financial support, advocacy and advice
  • Access to affordable credit
  • Homelessness and housing support
  • Impact of climate change on poorer communities
  • Digital access

Keen to apply for funding?

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