What we fund

We provide funding awards to charitable organisations operating in Scotland through our Open Grants awards.

We have three funding strands all of which have been developed in response to needs identified through consultation with the Third Sector.

By clicking on a funding strand below, you will find details of the specific themes we are funding and examples of the activities which may fall with each theme.

In all areas, applicants should demonstrate how their work will contribute to one or more of the Trust's Giving Outcomes and these funding themes. 

You can download our full Giving Strategy 2016-19 document for full details on each strand and the outcomes we hope to achieve during this strategy's duration.

As part of our Innovation and Learning work, the Trust also offers Partnership Awards.  These awards seek to test new ways of working and to build evidence around what works, what doesn’t work and why, in areas of particular interest to us. Please note that organisations cannot apply for Partnership Awards through our open application process. Instead, they may be invited to apply for an award, or awards may be advertised openly for application, depending on the programme. 

Funding strands