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Sport for Change Research

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The research explored three main themes:

The existing evidence base for the impact of sport for change as an approach

  • What evidence currently exists around the impact of sport for change?  Are there gaps and how can we fill them?
  • How can sport for change practitioners be better supported to deliver impact and to evidence the difference their work is making?
  • Is there a broad set of outcomes that can be adopted for use by sport for change initiatives?

The current sport for change landscape in Scotland

  • What is the current scope and nature of work being delivered in Scotland under the banner of sport for change?
  • Can we identify and highlight common elements of good practice within sport for change delivery?
  • What are the key elements of a sport for change approach that make it different from other approaches delivering sports?
  • What barriers do practitioners face in trying to deliver sport for change initiatives?
  • What support is currently available to organisations hoping to develop a sport for change approach?
  • How does sport for change align with both the Scottish Government Active Scotland framework and Scotland’s world class system for sport?

The future sport for change landscape in Scotland

  • What needs to be done to raise awareness and understanding of sport for change as an approach with both sporting and non-sporting partners?
  • What support needs to be provided?
  • How might sport for change best support delivery of Scottish Government policy and priorities, including health, justice and education?
  • What would a robust, well networked sport for change sector look like and what support is required to help this develop?

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