Improving the Life Chances of Children and Young People

Improving the Life Chances of Children and Young People

Our interest in improving life chances for children and young people, and particularly those young people at risk of entering the justice system, has emerged from our work in and around the justice system over the last decade and our growing awareness of the evidence which shows that young offenders are almost always among the most vulnerable, victimised and traumatised within our society.

We are also aware that involvement in offending is only one of a range of poor outcomes associated with adverse childhood experiences and trauma.  We know that the risk factors for youth offending and substance abuse overlap to a very large degree with those for educational underachievement, young parenthood and adolescent mental health problems. With this awareness, we are interested in understanding more about these factors and what works in supporting young people, (and particularly those at risk) to achieve positive outcomes.

Through this theme we aim to:

  • Increase understanding of the value of investing in preventative services and develop the evidence base of the approaches that are most effective in diverting people away from negative outcomes before they occur
  • Improve the ability for children and young people to achieve their full potential by supporting them to develop the skills, resilience and motivation they need to do so

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