Alcohol Misuse - CLOSED

Alcohol Misuse - CLOSED

The Trust developed a framework for our support for projects addressing alcohol misuse in 2011, with funded projects focusing on early intervention and education. This theme is now closed and has been incorporated into a new theme; Improving Life Chances of Young People. This is because one of the key learning points was that isolating alcohol misuse as the only issue to be addressed was not the most effective approach.

Through this theme, we aimed to:

  • Reduce alcohol related harm and associated risky behaviour by young people
  • Increase capacity of young people, families and communities to take action to address local alcohol concerns

Please note, the learning around this theme has now contributed to the creation of our Improving the Life Chances of Children and Young People theme. Although we are no longer adding programmes to our Alcohol Misuse theme specifically, this page will continue to host our learning from past programmes.

Current Alcohol Misuse - CLOSED Programmes

There are no current Alcohol Misuse - CLOSED programmes. You can find details of completed programmes further down this page.