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Independent evaluation of MCR Pathways launched

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We are pleased to launch the report of an independent evaluation of the MCR Pathways programme in Glasgow.

The Robertson Trust, in partnership with the Life Changes Trust and the STV Appeal, began working with the MCR Foundation and MCR Pathways in 2015 to support the expansion of its mentoring programme for care-experienced and disadvantaged young people in Glasgow beyond the initial pilot schools. 
ScotCen’s evaluation presents the quantative and qualitative findings around the programme’s impact in Glasgow, reaching some important conclusions. In particular, participants were shown to be significantly more likely to stay on at school, much more likely to achieve at least one qualification at SCQF Level 5 and more likely to move on to a positive post-school destination than equivalent young people not supported by the programme.
MCR mentors, meanwhile, were shown to help young people to develop their study skills, increase their confidence, manage their stress and develop goals and aspirations. In other words, to be mentored through MCR is a life-changing experience on a number of levels.
The study also showed MCR to be leading the way in mentor training and matching, with the independence and non-judgmental nature of the mentoring being key success factors in encouraging young people to engage.
MCR Pathways was initially funded through our Social Bridging Finance model to ensure commitment from Glasgow City Council to sustaining the programme should agreed objectives be met. As it turned out, such was its early success the programme was rolled out across the city before the outcomes had been independently evaluated. This is a tribute to both the power of the MCR approach to make a tangible difference to the young people involved and Glasgow’s commitment to ensuring the success of its young people.
The funding partners have now moved on to supporting MCR in rolling out its work across Scotland. We are pleased to present this report as evidence of our confidence that, as the programme gains traction across the country, more lives will be changed for the better by its highly effective approach.
Download the report here.
In addition to this ScotCen report, a cost-benefit analysis has been conducted by RAND Europe and will be published separately in early 2020.