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Changing Lives funding recipients announced

Please note that The Robertson Trust has published its new Giving Strategy. This sets out the priorities we will have when awarding funds through our open grants programme. The existing application form and guidelines can still be used until July 31st. In line with our existing procedures, we will aim to assess and present all applications received by this date to our September Board meeting. In the event that we are unable to do so, your application may be held until our November meeting. In such cases a member of staff will contact you and provide any assistance required to realign your application with the new Giving Strategy. Find out all you need to know here.

Community-based sport and physical activity projects from across Scotland are to benefit from a £1million cash windfall as part of the Changing Lives Through Sport and Physical Activity programme. 

Launched in April this year, the £1million fund will benefit a total of 17 projects nationally, with each receiving between £42,151 and £69,985 over a period of to years. Each of the projects will intentionally use the power of sport to effect positive change in local communities.  

The Changing Lives Fund is a partnership between the Scottish Government, sportscotland, The Robertson Trust and Spirit of 2012. It is part of a wider £1.8million programme that provides additional resource into the sporting sector and community sectors to better address individual and community needs through sport and physical activity and to support participants to become and stay active.

The wider Changing Lives programme has a specific aim of increasing capacity and skills of people within the sporting sector to help them meet the needs of the community and deliver positive change for participants. The programme and fund are aimed at projects that demonstrated a clear commitment to the below key themes:       

  • Sport for Inclusion
  • Sport for Health and Wellbeing
  • Sport for Skills
  • Sport for Communities

Among the projects to benefit from the fund are Scottish Sport Futures (SSF) and the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) who are receiving £61,205 to deliver a joint programme that will promote positive mental health for young people and address the stigma and discrimination felt by those with mental health problems.  

Sport Minister Joe FitzPatrick said: “Sport has the power to change lives; we see that every day in communities across the country. That is why programmes such as this are so important. This funding will support projects that specifically use sport to deliver real change in communities across the country, helping health and wellbeing, developing skills and bringing communities together.

“The recipients of this fund have shown a very real commitment to the aims of the programme and I am delighted to see the fantastic partnership between SSF and SAMH, who have combined to show that sport can make a meaningful difference to the lives of young people through promoting the benefits of positive mental health.”

The Robertson Trust has had a long-standing interest in supporting sport and physical activity projects, where sporting activities are intentionally used to deliver social impact for individuals and communities beyond increasing participation in sport. View our Sport for Change hub page here.