Case Study November 2022

Voices: Friends of Scottish Settlers

In our Voices series, we share the stories and opinions from our funded organisations that are helping to find solutions to poverty and trauma in Scotland. The latest group is our Friends of Scottish Settlers, a charity working to welcome refugees and all newcomers to the Falkirk district.

"What we aim to do is to better people’s morale through activities such as sports, walks, going for swims, spending time together and eating together – essentially having fun and taking their mind off things. That sense of solidarity, friendship and fun is the best that we can do right now for them."

How Friends of Scottish Settlers work fits with our 2020-2030 strategy

Friends of Scottish Settlers welcomes people who are new to the Falkirk area, including refugees and asylum seekers, providing a range of support including befriending and practical advice, to help them integrate into their community.

Through our Wee Grants fund, we are interested in supporting organisations who place communities at the heart of what they do, delivering initiatives which respond to local need.  We know from experience the impact that local, community-led initiatives like Friends of Scottish Settlers can have for people who are experiencing poverty or trauma, and we are pleased to be supporting their work.

Kerry McFarlane

Funding Officer