Please note that The Robertson Trust has published its new Giving Strategy. This sets out the priorities we will have when awarding funds through our open grants programme. The existing application form and guidelines can still be used until July 31st. In line with our existing procedures, we will aim to assess and present all applications received by this date to our September Board meeting. In the event that we are unable to do so, your application may be held until our November meeting. In such cases a member of staff will contact you and provide any assistance required to realign your application with the new Giving Strategy. Find out all you need to know here.

Trustee Board

The Trust has a Corporate Trustee structure. The Corporate Trustee of The Robertson Trust is Kintail Trustees Limited.

The Directors of the Corporate Trustee have general control and management of the administration of the Trust and are thus the “charity trustees” for the purposes of the 2005 Act.

The Trustee Board has ten independent Trustees and meets five times each year to oversee the delivery of the Trust's strategy. It has seven sub-committees which are responsible for specific aspects of the Corporate Trust’s governance. The ultimate decision on matters handled by all sub-committees rests with the Corporate Trust.

  • Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee reviews and recommends to the Trustee Board systems of internal control on financial and governance issues and oversees risk management. It also reviews the draft annual report and accounts and meets with the Trust's external auditors. It meets four times a year.

  • Giving Committee

The Giving Committee reviews and recommends charitable awards to the Trustee Board. It meets four times a year.

  • Investment Committee

The Investment Committee reviews and makes recommendations on the investment strategy of the Trust and on the appointment and performance of the Trust’s fund manager to the Trustee Board. It meets four times a year.

  • Investor Relations Committee

The Investor Relations Committee facilitates the relationship between Edrington and the Trust. The Chairman and Chief Executive of Edrington and one Non-Executive Director attend the Investment Relations Committee. It meets fivetimes a year.

  • Nominations & Remuneration Committee

The Nominations and Remuneration Committee is responsible for recommending the appointment of new directors of the Corporate Trust and senior executives of The Robertson Trust. It also reviews the remuneration of the Director and the Senior Management team of The Robertson Trust. It meets when required.

  • Innovation & Learning Committee

The Innovation & Learning Committee is responsible for reviewing & monitoring existing innovation & learning programmes as well as recommending new ones. It meets four times a year

  • Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for recommending and reviewing all scholarship awards and advises the Trustee Board on all Scholarship matters.  It ensures that all scholarship awards are in line with the current Scholarship Strategy. It meets four times a year.